Today I want to talk to you about four words that could change your relationships with the people you serve. Whether you are a real estate agent, a teacher, a doctor or you work in a call center, these words work. What are the four words? “I’m on your side.” 

As an attorney, I represent doctors when they get sued. They’re vulnerable, scared, frustrated and confused. One of the first things I tell them is  “I’m on your side.”  That doesn’t necessarily mean I think they’re right. What it does mean is that I will do my best to listen, to understand, and to help. It means I will be their advocate, and I will fight for them when necessary. 

The people you serve need to hear these words too. They need to know you will advocate for them.  But it isn’t enough to say it. You have to prove it. I help businesses and individuals be better advocates for their ideas, and advocacy starts and ends with credibility. When you make a promise, you have to keep it. If you’ve set an expectation, you have to meet it. And when you say “I’m on your side”, your actions have to prove it.  

But the words themselves matter. That’s where trust begins. Give it a try. Tell those that you serve “I’m on your side” and watch their shoulders drop and their eyes light up. Now you’re on the same team, and winning becomes easier.

And one more thing. Before you can advocate for others, you have to be able to advocate for yourself.  You have to be on your own side. These four magic words work on yourself too. Tell yourself “I’m on your side” and then get to work proving it.

4 thoughts on “4 Magic Words-I’m On Your Side

  1. Hello Heather,

    I just enjoy your messages. While I am always saying and being on “everyone’s side”, you hit the nail on the head; I see I am not on my own side. It is so much harder to be on your own side when you are giving so much to everyone else. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Emmy–I am so glad this resonated with you. And this is exactly what I hope to achieve with The Elegant Warrior–helping people be on their OWN side and advocate for themselves. It makes us better advocates for others if we can do that first. Thanks so much for your comment.

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