Advocate to Win

10 Tools to Ask for What You Want and Get It

About Advocate To Win

In Advocate to Win, Heather shares the ten tools readers can use to ask for what they want, and get it, time and time again.

As an award-winning trial attorney, Heather quickly realized that she didn’t win because she was an extraordinary advocate. She won because she gave her clients the tools to advocate for themselves. When they honed these tools, her clients became their own best advocates.

Now readers can use the same tools to advocate for their teams, their products/services, their families, their ideas and themselves.

“Advocate to Win is an amazing book that translates lessons from the law into personal tools for success anybody can use in their everyday life. Hanson masterfully guides you in how you can achieve your business and life goals, and how you can be happier, healthier, and more at ease while doing so.”

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“What great advice this book delivers! Many of us are great at meeting goals in our jobs and personal lives, but less great at asking for more from the people around us. This book breaks down the self-imposed barriers that prevent us from asking for what we want and actually getting it.”

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“I honestly believe that reading this book is guaranteed to make any person better. It has so many helpful and actionable tools for becoming more persuasive and getting what you want. It’s also intertwined with interesting personal stories that help put it all into perspective. You’ll want to tab it up and reference back to it for years to come!”

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“Heather Hansen does a great job with utilizing stories and real life examples that demonstrate examples how we can all advocate for what we want. Her techniques, strategies, and tools are explained thoughtfully in order to transfer these skills to go after what we are looking to achieve in your life. Bravo for another great book.”

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