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The Elegant Warrior Episode 228 – The Other Heather Hansen and Unmutable

Heather Hansen reveals how the only way to conquer challenges in professional communication is to unmute yourself.


  1. Microcultures, the 3% Rule, and how we’re influenced by the way we organize ourselves
  2. Three types of communication – Conscious, Confident, and Connected
  3. Why we have an emotional connection with tone of voice (and how Siri helped Heather name one of the chapters in her book)


Heather Hansen helps top global professionals show up, speak up, and inspire action in a changing world. She is on a mission to empower global voices to contribute to conversations that matter – in business, politics, and life.

Heather fights against micro-inequities related to language and accent in international teams, and helps companies build communication cultures where every voice is heard. She is called upon by some of the world’s largest companies to unmute leaders and teams so they can be more innovative, inclusive, and efficient while adapting to modern challenges.

Heather’s latest book, Unmuted, outlines her framework for successful global communication in multinational companies.

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