Today you will choose. You’ll choose a friend, a partner, a doctor, a lawyer, a babysitter, or a date. How do you make these choices–and how can you make them better? Alan Tuerkheimer is a national jury consultant. We both have psychology degrees, legal degrees, and a combined 40 years of experience choosing people for the juries that will decide our clients’ cases. We’ve studied the research, analyzed our experience, and created a free webinar to help YOU make better choices. In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn:

-How to overcome analysis paralysis, and start making decisions faster and with more clarity.

-How to read body language, the importance of feet and hands, and what to do when you interview over Skype rather than in person.

-How closing your eyes may help you become better at choices, and what the orchestra has to do with it.

-How, when it comes to choosing others, confidence might be your greatest obstacle.

-The 5 Factor Personality Model, and what a medicine cabinet can tell you about whether someone is Open, Conscientious, Agreeable, Extroverted or Neurotic.

-How listening gives you all of the power

-How the number 7 might help you change your perspective and make better choices.

In this hour long webinar, we’ll get into all of this and more. Alan and I have put together an hour’s worth of research, slides and stories for you. But YOU will decide what we discuss, because this webinar is LIVE! That means Alan and I will be there to answer all of your questions. We’re both so excited to talk to YOU about your choices. I believe you are what you choose to be, and that is often dictated by WHO you choose to be with. Choose better, do better. It’s July 12th at 2pm eastern  Choose wisely. Join us here

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