My friend, Jennae, is a phenom. She is a dietician, yoga instructor and a dance teacher. She has more energy than anyone else I know, and she has lots of good advice. Her passion is children, and specifically children’s diets.  I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her advice for parents on how to ensure their children are getting the best nutrition possible. While her advice is simple (cook more, less junk) it’s not easy, especially in today’s hurried, harried world.  This is a long interview, but Jennae had so many great ideas I didn’t want to cut it short. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Eating and Kids-Simple, but Not Easy

  1. Good discussion. Never grew up with eating in front of the tv but do it now. In fact, when the cable is out my first thought is “how am I supposed to eat?” Definitely mindless eating, sometimes amounts based on the length of the show. Probably not going to stop watching, but now going to be mindful of amounts. Great talk and great advice, even for adults. Thanks ladies!

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