Many of you want better sales, better teams, or better relationships (personal or professional). You have the secret to all of this and more. It’s better questions. Trials lawyers are experts at questions. We use them to win our cases, by “selling” our case to the jury. We use them to overcome objections. We use them to win. You can too.

In our FREE, LIVE webinar Thursday, August 9th at 2pm and 7pm EST we will show you how. My guest is Stacey Honowitz, an assistant state attorney in Florida and Supervisor in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. Together, we’ll share the 3 keys to asking questions to win. Even better, we will give you 3 questions you can use to change your lives–immediately.

Questions have power. They give us perspective, make us look smart, and even get us more dates. You all have the power to use questions to improve your sales, your teams, your relationships, and most important your lives. So join us at this webinar to find out how. The best part is you get to ask questions, live, and we will answer them, live! The reason we’re doing this via live webinar is to ensure that this isn’t a lecture, but rather a conversation. In order to make that work, you have to join us, and invite your friends to do the same. Share this with members of your team. Because the more people who know the secret power of questions, the better off we all will be.

If you want to attend live at 2pm EST register here, and at 7pm register here. NOTE–IF YOU HAVE GMAIL THIS GOES RIGHT TO SPAM SO GET IN THERE AND MOVE IT TO YOUR INBOX. We want to be sure you don’t miss this. See you soon!

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