Doesn’t September feel a little bit like a new beginning?  New notebooks, new schedules, and with the kids in new classes with new teachers it may be time for us to try something new as well. As the kids go back to school, let’s join them. Let’s learn a little bit about ourselves.

One of the best ways to learn is by trial and error. You try something and, whether it works or not, you learn. You learn what works and what doesn’t. You learn who you are when something works, and who you are when it doesn’t. If you want to learn, and you want to grow, you have to try. There’s no other way.

Words are important. Sometimes at trial, an opposing attorney will take something my client has said and change just one word when presenting it to the jury. I leap up to ensure that is fixed immediately because that word can mean the difference between a win and a loss.  Words matter. The word “try” comes from the French word “trier” which means to sift. I love that. It means that when we try, we are sifting away what we don’t need to find that which we do need. It reminds me of when we were kids and we went to Knott’s Berry Farm. We got to mine for gold, by sifting through the dirt until all that was left was treasure. We tried until we found what we were looking for. 

That’s what I hope the 30 Days of Trials Challenge will do for you. Every day, I’ll present a new trial-something to try. Every day, you’ll sift through and see what works for you, and what doesn’t. Together, we will make discoveries. Some of them might be gold.

The challenge starts Sept 6th. Register here and you’ll get a new challenge every day for 30 days. If you join in the discussion, you’ll also get a little something at the end of the challenge. The person who shares the challenge the most will get a bigger something. Most importantly, together we will try, we will sift, until we find treasure. Try and try again. 

25 thoughts on “Time to Try Something New

  1. I am in the process of rethinking my career path and looking forward to the challenges. Thanks Heather for your leadership, I enjoyed your educational sessions as well.

    1. I’m so glad you are joining us Jayne! And I love that you enjoy the webinars. I’m thinking of doing one at the end so we can go over all 30 days of the challenge. I’ll keep you all posted!

  2. The day 2 email is timely. Feeling a lack of motivation, it reminds me to take action anyway. Minor suggestion: delete the salutation “dear…” at the beginning. On my email, for example, it just appears as
    “Dear ,” which makes it seem very boilerplate (a turn-off) rather than personalized. It’s a good read without the unnecessary salutation. Had it not been for the timely topic, I probably would have unsubscribed because the blank salutation makes it feel like spam.

    1. Yes today has been a terrible day for my tech. As you might note, these comments are not on the MOVE thread. IN addition, I have a number of lists that the challenge goes to and it appears the merge did not work on all of this lists. The challenges are a TON of work and a work in progress (like me!). I hope to fix everything from tomorrow on–but no promises except that I’ll do my best!

    2. And I ask all of you to continue with the feedback–I can’t get better unless I know what needs improvement. So thank you!

      1. Your comments about the work this takes are refreshing. I find it really HARD to get these things to working status. At first I thought that one day you decide and in the next few days you could be up and running. Ha ha ha!

  3. I am always amazed at what can happen when you focus your attention on something. Today’s trial was “to move.” Well, I think the universe got the message because many things at work moved along today. Thankfully, mostly good things. I hope you all had a positive “move day” as well!

  4. Move is a great one for me today. Because I don’t drink enough water. I know I need to. I know it’s good for me. But in the face of staring at 16 ounces (x6 a day) my resolve wilts. So I enlisted the help of my spouse and we are making it a game. Move water !!

  5. Ok. I have a feeling each of Heather’s days will be perfect for the day at hand. Full disclosure: My posts will probably all be long. I am using Heather’s intriguing platform to sort out some things. When you see my posts, they are for me and whoever wants to “listen in.”

    I am your penchant do-do nerd. I have a very complex life. I am often overwhelmed, overlooking a field of roll-your-sleeves-up “do’s.” They are like wild horses running in my head. Sometimes I want to just not do the thing that needs to be done, because the field is too vast and the horses too wild. I might suddenly start sorting my hundreds of emails. But no! Along comes Heather while I am sorting. So…

    My first 4 rules (discovered because of her question):
    1. Just keep on doing in order to keep the “efficacy light” on. I can. Of course I can.
    2. Continuously distinguish among your balls in the air – Some are glass and will break if dropped. The others are rubber and can wait.
    3. Keep your eye on the (glass) ball and have the others in peripheral vision
    4. Focus on the glass ball thing and be deliberate all the way to the finish

    Now to do:
    1. Lay the groundwork. Take out the essential tools and put them insight. For example, if you intend to jog, take out your running shoes and place them in sight.
    2. Now lasso the wild horses (the do’s) running in the field. Get an appropriate size paper (I use a huge one). Make a circle for each task with tails that you will connect to the details. Put the name of your task inside the circles.
    fro each circle, extend a line for each essential step you need to take to finish each task. When you’re done, you will have a page of circles connected to the steps you need to take to complete the do.
    3. Look at them and identify the glass one, the one that needs to be done now. Start doing it. The rest will take care of itself if you have in mind the first 4 rules.

    You will see that you can do each task and do it well. The doing will flow without preoccupation, overwhelm, or anxiety. This is because you have all the rubber balls corralled and ready to be taken on when you are done with the glass one. When you’re done, you can pick a new glass one from the corral and do the same thing.
    Don’t worry, they can’t get away. Every completion feels better and better.

    For me, this is a relief. I do it often.

    1. Chavah, you are such a thinker. And so so good with contextual models (the circles). Someday I’ll have the budget to hire you to help me make some with my IP! Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Yes I see you have having site issues here but we’re still with you here HH. I got moving and groovin today and it felt great! I can’t wait to do it again!

    1. Issues should be better today. I did something different this time so that all the days (and all the comments) are on one page. I just forget to change the link yesterday. It’s a lot to remember every morning! 🙂 But hopefully we’re golden. Keep letting me know if there’s issues!

  7. Thanks for the motivation. I took the move challenge literally and figuratively. I walked 3 miles with my dogs and I took the first step on my “move” to a new career!

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