As you may have seen from my blog “The Science of a Spark” I had the chance to watch a knee replacement live. While we don’t have a video of a knee replacement surgery here, we do have the next best thing. Dr. Booth, the world’s most experienced knee replacement surgeon, talks to us about what knee replacement surgery entails.

Dr. Booth goes through the preparation for total knee replacement surgery, what it entails and what to expect. He also talks about the relationship between a doctor and his patients.

When speaking about his surgical patients, Dr. Booth said “You cut them, you marry them” Isn’t that the level of commitment we want in our relationship with our doctors? This is a relationship we’re talking about, and a very personal one at that.  Please watch this video, share it with anyone you think might benefit from it, and let us know what you think in the comments section.  Do you feel like you have that kind of a personal relationship with any of your doctors? Do you want to, or would you rather just get surgery and be done with it?

What can your doctors do to make the relationship more personal and, maybe more importantly, what can you do? Because that’s always the best question. What can I do?


4 thoughts on ““You Cut Them, You Marry Them”-Anatomy of a Total Knee Replacement

    1. Thanks Gene! It’s a common surgery, and getting more so every year. Studies show when the surgery works it can increase life expectancy. My dad just had both of his knees done, so it’s a surgery I’ve been especially interested in for the past year.

  1. Great clip – pleasure to meet the great doc on who I can tell is all in, clearly dedicated to making the TKR as successful and easy as THR. It was very interesting to hear the many shapes in sizes needed for men and woman and ethnicity, who knew and how long were patients getting the one size fit all and were they able to get adjustments as new developments were realized?
    I was also surprised that the doctor said the patients biggest reason or huddle at first coming is being overweight. I would have thought our age group, us baby boomers all beat up from years of banged up over use years of sports not that few pounds didn’t also creep n when we weren’t looking but
    the aches and pains won out over twinkles from years of rigrious abuse never accepting getting older! Guilty as charged!
    He’s an exteodinady man who has an exteodinary relationship with his patients and I can see he’s already in the win win column with that relationship. God forbid I ever need him, I’ll seek him out but I’m sticking with good knees and maybe one more hip to eventually fix up so I have have a match pair of titaniums!
    Great interview Heather. Are you changing paths for whatever you do you’ll light a spark at every corner! Best regards! Wink for Jon! Pat Melchionno Boston, MA

    1. Pat–for some reason I just saw that you commented. I wanted to thank you first of all for posting. I love that you enjoyed Dr Booth’s interview! He is a special guy and a phenomenal

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