As you’ve seen from the challenges, there is much we can learn from courtroom trials. Complaints, objections, and the skillful use of questions are all things we can master in our lives outside the courtroom. But none of that matters without proof.

In my consulting work, I see leaders who want dynamic teams, and call center employees who are expected to delight their customers. None of that can happen until expectations are met, and promises are kept.

I can be dynamic and delightful in court but if I don’t prove my case, with evidence, I can’t win. If I make a promise to the jury, you’d best believe I keep it. And if they expect to see something, I show it to them or I’d better have a good explanation if I don’t. You have to do the same. Whether you are dealing with your colleagues, your clients, your customers or your family, prove it. Prove what you say it true, and prove you will do what you promise. Prove it to them, and prove it to yourself.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO PROVE IT. If you say something, promise something, or set an expectation, be ready to prove it. You can only rely on delight and charisma for so long. Sooner or later, you have to prove yourself. Prove it, prove yourself, and prove it to yourself. Get yourself some evidence, and use it to win.

And comment! What will you prove, and how will you do it? I have faith in you. Show us what you’ve got.

8 thoughts on “TRIAL DAY 22-PROVE IT

    1. I try to avoid politics in this forum, and it was just serendipity that today’s challenge applies. All I can say is that each of these senators will hear the testimony through the lens of their experience. That doesn’t bode well for Dr Ford, where more of the members have the experience of a male in this situation than a female. I don’t know the answer for today. What I do know is that a change will come when more senators have a different experience #vote

  1. Ahhhhh right up my alley, sorry HH I know you don’t like politics but this is where it most happens! I’ve spent over a year proving our Mayor’s lies!
    BTW – I miss getting this in my mailbox EVERYDAY not just Thursdays. Can you fix it so I get it everyday? Thanks

    1. No one is getting it every day Pat. It was too many emails for too many people, so it is posted on the site every day but only sent out once a week.

  2. Good Morning Heather: )) Always good to see your beautiful smile! This is an awesome topic and very relevant to today’s society, it’s very related to having “Integrity”. A smile and a hand-shake or “flowery” compliments to others get you only so far. They may get you in the “room” but if you don’t “prove it” in your actions and back it up/match the actions to your comments, you will lose your audience soon after. We can all work on this/these attributes, but it means digging deep and being honest with our views of ourself and how our own actions have let others down. I am quite honest about my strengths and weaknesses, most times to my detriment. I wish others were more accountable and willing to prove themselves to friends and coworkers. I will keep this topic in mind in the next few weeks. You are a wealth of Inspiration. Thank you Heather: )

  3. I think today we seriously over-commit. Once I had a client whose culture was to say “yes” to any request, then decide later whether to do it or not. Colleagues were seen as oppositional if they said no.
    We keep a radar of dependable people. I don’t mean that we keep score. We just know from experience whom we can rely on. We don’t expect much from people we can’t rely on, but the few we can, we go to.

    My fear used to be that if I got close to people they’d ask of me. I’d be obligated to say yes, and I’d have to follow through. Therefore, I’d have to give up my life. I avoided closeness and involvement for fear of becoming overwhelmed by obligation.

    Now I have come to realize:
    1st Know myself.
    2nd Present myself, and be myself… Be honest and continuously refine my authenticity.
    3rd By knowing myself and being honest, say what I can do, what I am willing to do, and do it.

    That way there is no possibility of becoming overwhelmed. Even if I am overwhelmed at first, fine. Keep refining.

    1. Commitment is an important word. I’m glad you raised it. Handling commitment is part of handling proof. Don’t commit to what you can’t do, and if you do admit it early and fix it if you can

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