Learn How You Can Become An Elegant Warrior


I give my audiences the tools to conquer any crisis and live their legacy. It's all about persuasion. First we persuade ourselves and our Inner Jury to make the best decisions. Then we persuade others, our Outer Jury, to come along. That's how we win.


What are bad choices costing you? Money, opportunity, self confidence or relationships? Your Inner Jury is the part of you that chooses. I give you the tools to persuade your Inner Jury to make the choices that serve you best. Then we move on to persuading your Outer Jury of clients, customers, friends and family to give you what you want. Choice precedes change. Let's change your life, one choice at a time.


Follow Heather as she shares specific tips to conquer any crisis and live your legacy.

Heather Hansen
I help you make better choices. Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast.

Juries don’t judge. They choose. For 20 years I helped juries make the choices that led to my wins. Now I help you make the choices that lead to your wins. You can choose better. I can help.

I have a psychology degree, have spent twenty years as an award-winning trial attorney and I’m  a trained mediator. I’ve  appeared on NBC, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and Sirius Radio, and as an anchor at the Law and Crime Network.

I’ve given speeches on how to advocate for yourself and your ideas in Kuwait, Ireland, Mexico and throughout the United States.  And my coaching clients learn how to persuade every “jury” they face, including their own Inner Jury. They learn to persuade the Inner Jury, then they learn to  persuade the Outer Jury. And that’s how they win.

Publishers Weekly calls my best selling book  “The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself”,  a “template to achieving personal and career success”. I’m also the host of The Elegant Warrior podcast where my guests and I share the tools to advocate, with elegance.