Heather doesn’t speak TO clients, she communicates with them, presenting an experience they’ll never forget.


Heather works with her clients to help them recognize their own communication styles and skills and then to hone them.


Follow Heather as she shares her passion for communication, decision-making, and finding your voice.

Heather Hansen
Consultant/coach, International Keynote Speaker, Trial Attorney

You can use words to win—not only in the courtroom, but also in the boardroom, the bedroom, the operating room, the living room and beyond. Heather knows how. For our twenty years she’s been using words to win in the courtroom, selling her cases to scores of juries. She’s been consistently named one of the Top 50 Female Lawyers in Pennsylvania. Heather is also a trained mediator with a psychology degree, and she knows how to use words to reach compromise and achieve resolution Her enthusiastic way with words has led her to appear on CNN, Fox News Channel, CBS and Sirius Radio, and she’s served as an anchor at LawandCrime.com Heather has contributed to Global Grind, Thrive Globally and KevinMD. Heather has spoken internationally, providing audiences with specific ways that they can win their life’s trials with communication. You can win life’s trials with communication, and Heather can help.