Learn How You Can Become An Elegant Warrior


Heather empowers her audiences to ask better questions, master objections and use credible persuasion to be their own best advocates.


Heather has been a medical malpractice trial attorney for over 20 years. She knows advocacy and how you can use the skills from the courtroom to stand up for yourself. Whether you want to advocate for your business, your employees, your customers, or for ideas, Heather can show you how ask better questions, master objections and advocate with credibility.


Follow Heather as she shares specific tips to use credibility and advocacy to win life's trials.

Heather Hansen
Advocacy and Credibility Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast

You want to advocate–for yourself, your ideas, your colleagues, your clients, and your customers. After over 20 years as a trial lawyer, Heather Hansen has the tools to help you become a credible advocate. Heather knows how to ask better questions, master objections, use credible evidence and capitalize on differences, and she knows these skills are transferable. Heather has consistently been named one of the Top 50 Female Lawyers in Pennsylvania. She’s a trained mediator with a psychology degree, and she knows how to use words to advocate and achieve victory.  Her vast experience and her enthusiasm have led her to appear on CNN, Fox News Channel, NBC, CBS and Sirius Radio, and she’s served as an anchor at Law and Crime. Heather has written a book “The Elegant Warrior–How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself” and she is the host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast. She is a Advocacy and Credibility Consultant, an international keynote speaker, and has lectured at Stanford Law School and Villanova School of Law.