Learn How You Can Become An Elegant Warrior

The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 50 – Interview with Shala Nicely

Shala is passionate about helping adults, adolescents, and kids take back their lives from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders (body dysmorphic disorder, trichotillomania, skin-picking disorder, and hoarding disorder), anxiety disorders (social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder),

Next Big Idea Club Interviews Heather Hansen

Heather is interviewed by Marquita Iliev-Piselli on the Next Big Idea Club about "How to Calm Your Fearful “Lizard Brain” and Live Life to the Fullest". You will discover: Why “Fake it til you make it” is bad advice Why

Read To Lead Interviews Heather Hansen

Jeff Brown aims to bring you key thoughts and insights from my conversations with those he considers to be among today's brightest minds: our generation's non-fiction authors. Discussions focuses on their latest book, as well as their unique perspectives on

Creative Warriors Interview Heather Hansen

Creative Warriors is a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creative small business owners. Brave souls taking the road less traveled, forging our way through the world creating businesses marketing ourselves and our talents. Business coach, entrepreneur and warrior himself, Jeffrey

Le vital corps Salon Interviews Heather Hansen

Each episode, host/salonnière Kara Martin Snyder talks with a modern woman who is not letting BS and burnout stop her. It's a pedestal-free zone chock full of real talk among real women across different industries about real obstacles and real