When you think trial and error, don’t forget the error. A scientist can make discoveries without many failed attempts, and often the biggest discovery is in the error. Think penicillin. If you’re not willing to err, you aren’t going to succeed. Victory takes time

I love the phrase “not yet”.  Appellate lawyers are the kings and queens of “not yet”. When I win a case, I consider it over. But the other side doesn’t always see it that way. I’ve had many adversaries file appeals, in an attempt to overturn the verdict and try again. They claim that the judge made an error, and they should get another chance. That’s when my partner who focuses on appeals takes over. He knows all about error. And that all an error does is give you another chance.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO ERR. Be willing to make a mistake, and to say not yet. Be willing to try, again and again, without losing your faith or your enthusiasm. Be like an appellate lawyer, and see a “failure” as an opportunity to try again. 

Tell us about your error. Let’s make both trial AND error fun.



One thought on “TRIAL DAY 27-TRY TO ERR

  1. Say “not yet.” Be willing to try, again and again, without losing my faith or my enthusiasm. See a “failure” as an opportunity to try again.

    I think trying to err might be an answer to my blockage from yesterday, which was, “I don’t like how I look on video, and I am afraid of NOT sounding organized.”

    Trying to err gives me two ideas: IDEA #1: Go look really awful and be disorganized on video, on purpose. Then do it again. This time, try to look good and be organized. Just say a little (maybe a quote and my interpretation). OR IDEA #2: Just go do something and see how it goes, with no expectations.

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