Everything you do is a type of trial. Not the type that is hard and difficult, like trials and tribulations. But more the type that is a test, like trial and error. In court we test our evidence in front of the jury. In life, you test yourself. You try.

Trying means putting yourself out there. It means being comfortable with uncertainty, because not all trials will end in victory. Sometimes you have to try things over and over before you can win. We rarely get the change to try a case over and over in the courtroom. In life we get that chance all the time. In life outside the courtroom, you get many shots. Take them.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO TRY. I know it’s harder than it sounds. I know that putting yourself out there can seem like it is just too much sometimes. That’s when proof becomes even more important. You have to prove yourself, to yourself. You are capable, and strong, and full of so many things that this world needs. Prove (it to) yourself. Give it a try.

4 thoughts on “TRIAL DAY 26–TRY TO TRY

  1. I am! I am trying so hard, Tues & Friday’s and days in between. Some days I’m happy with my progress other days not so much but I’m back again trying again and it’s paying off. Thanks Coach!

  2. Though I tell myself I am, I am not really trying to try.

    I say I want to put something “out there.” The sticking point is that video is the medium to communicate a message. I don’t like how I look on video, and I am afraid of NOT sounding organized. If I were trying, I’d do practice videos. If I were trying, I’d do audios with no video, just to get started. But I don’t. I am not sure if this is an excuse, and there is more to it, or if this would unplug the obstacle.

    It’s not I don’t try in general. I DO try to try in writing, and I DO put myself out there. But writing often is not read. If it is read, the message either is never gotten across, or it quickly evaporates. Either way, writing alone does not capture hearts and minds unless the writer is exceptionally talented.

    Therefore, I believe I am not trying to try. At best I am probably trying to try to try. I don’t know what to do to do better.

  3. Say “not yet.” Be willing to try, again and again, without losing my faith or my enthusiasm. See a “failure” as an opportunity to try again.

    I think trying to err might be an answer to my blockage from yesterday, which was, “I don’t like how I look on video, and I am afraid of NOT sounding organized.”

    Trying to err gives me two ideas: IDEA #1: Go look really awful and be disorganized on video, on purpose. Then do it again. This time, try to look good and be organized. Just say a little (maybe a quote and my interpretation). OR IDEA #2: Just go do something and see how it goes, with no expectations.

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